Business Logic


MarketGlide uses a consensus target date fund retirement strategy to build a series of indexes. MarketGlide provides an age appropriate asset allocation, which adjusts along a market-consensus glide path.

MarketGlide Solutions

  • Benchmarking

    There is no better way to benchmark the target date market than building the consensus target date glide path from the strategies of the leading industry target date providers. That is MarketGlide’s methodology and you can access the index data to do the following:

    • Benchmark historical returns and risk of 3rd party/custom target date solutions
    • Benchmark asset allocations of 3rd party target date solutions for each target date year.
    • Benchmark retirement outcomes as forecasted by MarketGlide and industry providers.
    • Compare glide paths of industry competitors

    Do an initial check up and subscribe to regular updates to monitor solutions in the future. MarketGlide Index performance and asset allocation reports are free. Industry glide paths and retirement outcomes are provided for fees. Inquire more here.

  • Funds and Model Portfolios

    The MarketGlide index is updated quarterly and can be used to build target date solutions. Multi-year performance history and prudent methodology.

    • Use MarketGlide’s asset class portfolios and glide path to build model portfolios, ETFs, mutual funds.
  • Customized Solutions

    There are multiple versions of MarketGlide available for Benchmarking and Fund solutions.

    • MarketGlide indexes can be recast using different asset classification systems and benchmarks.
    • Variations on MarketGlide Indexes can be created using subsets of the target date fund market defined by composition of the providers included.
  • Asset Classification and Benchmarking System for Securities

    MarketGlide’s analysis determines what asset classes are commonly used and comprehensive and builds an asset classification system for all stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

    • Subscribe to MarketGlides asset classification and benchmarking systems.