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Index Fact Sheets - Current

Below are PDFs related to most recent MarketGlide Index composition and performance:

Additional Information

The following information is also available by request and for fees:

MarketGlide Indexes

  • Standard MarketGlide Indexes

    MarketGlide Index information is updated quarterly to reflect changes in asset managers’ glide paths. New asset managers and asset classes are considered annually for inclusion.
    Here is a list of the current asset classes and benchmarks that comprise the MarketGlide glide path:

    Asset Class Index
    Emerging Markets MSCI Emerging Markets
    International Equity MSCI EAFE
    Commodities S&P GSCI
    Small Cap Growth Russell 2000 Growth
    Small Cap Value Russell 2000 Value
    Large Cap Growth Russell 1000 Growth
    Large Cap Value Russell 1000 Value
    Emerging Debt Merrill Lynch USD Emerging Mkt Sovereigns
    International Bonds Merrill Lynch Global Brd Mkt xUSD
    High Yield Bonds Barclays US Corporate High Yield
    US Bonds Barclays US Aggregate Bond
    TIPS Barclays US Treasury: US TIPS
    Cash Citigroup 3-month T-bill
  • Custom MarketGlide Indexes

    The MarketGlide methodology can generate custom indexes still anchored by the market average glide paths.

  • Additional Information

    Industry glide paths for the 37 fund families that currently comprise the MarketGlide index.