Business Logic
MarketGlide allows investors to effortlessly use the industry’s best asset allocation advice.

Dirk Quayle, CFA
President, Business Logic

How should my wealth be allocated?

MarketGlide gives advisors and institutions the simplest way to show clients how to allocate their investments.

MarketGlide uses a consensus target date fund retirement strategy to build a series of indexes and portfolios. MarketGlide provides an age appropriate asset allocation, which adjusts along a market-consensus glide path. By using a

market-average strategy, MarketGlide Target Date Indexes and Portfolios avoid the downside risk of the target date fund market. The returns generated closely track the average return of the target date fund industry.

Steady Performance Backtesting shows that of all indexes, MarketGlide Target Date Indexes have the lowest variance from the average returns of the target date fund market. In doing this the indexes avoid significant downside risk and extreme performance variations over time.

Clear, Prudent Methodology MarketGlide methodology is sound and straightforward. It is based on accepted financial methodologies and is easy to explain and justify. Institutions do not need the expensive staff and software required to maintain a world class target date methodology.

Low Risk Traditional TDFs have manager risk caused by variations in asset allocation, retirement methodology, market timing and investment selection. These risks are mitigated with a market-consensus asset allocation and glide path.

Accurate Planning Investors have a difficult time trying to understand how their target date fund will affect their retirement goals. MarketGlide offers the only retirement planner that projects investments with asset allocations that change over time.